Friday, March 12, 2010

NEW YORK! (things i bought)

1. shoes from a shop over by our hotel_ the woman tried to sell me another pair but i refused to by them and then she got angry with me. What can I say I'm letting myself not buy every pair of shoes I see and its hard

2. cards_ from a shop in brooklyn. I wanted some cute letterpress cards. This was over by Hush studios an interactive design firm.

3 yarn_ from the farmers market in union sq. There was tons of it. I don't know where they keep the sheep but is was fresh yarn.

4. plant in a bag_ another treasure from the shop in brookyn over by Hush

5 Kusmi tea_ bought at Dean and Delucca in Soho. I love this tea. I fell in love with it while I was in Paris. My favorite part is the packaging.

6. chocolate_ made in brooklyn bought in brooklyn. I was off on my own and stumbled upon a little local grocery store. so i picked up some local chocolate.

7. a business card_ what a great idea!

8. A set of bird stamps_ bought at the Whitney museum. I'm starting to fall in love with stamps. and i already love birds so it was a great find.

9. rosebud salve_ anthropologie union sq. YES they are finally making it in tubes!

10. keels simple diary_ the taschen store in soho. Love this journal. It's great very simple. All you have to do for each day is rate it on a scale of 1-10 and write a short description. Also asks some quirky things about each day. Really fun

11. tibetan singing bowl_ ABC carpet. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PURCHASE. I've always wanted one of these. Its for relaxation and is used during yoga meditation. It really helps for zoning out all other thoughts.


daniellef said...

I love how everything you bought looks so amazing in a picture together. And I love that you bought bird stamps! I love sending snail-mail, and even if you don't use them, there is something quite charming about stamps. Oh, but what is a Tibetan singing bowl?

ambiturner88 said...

i'll have to show it to you its pretty much AMAZING!