Thursday, July 22, 2010


This summer my world has been turned upside down and happiness has become much less of a monetary expense. I feel a little ashamed that it took me this long to have a summer like this in pure bliss. While living in Michigan I've been in a tiny town. It's what my dad calls a duck and plum town because you... duck and plum miss it. But it's been really nice. I've never lived in a place where things didn't matter. There is no racing towards the red lipstick in the morning and life is simple. In fact its been very refreshing for me. I've been able to focus on what really matters. Family, spending time with people, having a good laugh and watching the sunset.

And I've done all of that plus more. Watching this video this morning not only really made we want to go to paris but it made me remember what its like to be a little girl and skip around in dresses. WATCH IT, i'm sure it will make you reminisce. or at least want to be little again

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