Friday, July 16, 2010

Runn ing

While I've Been here in Sanford I've come to realize I am not near a gym (well at least a Gold one). I'm near an amazing yoga studio, but a super expensive one. So what is a girl to do? become fat lazy and a cow? I THINK NOT!

So I've Decided to Become a runner!

But only with some great running tips from Thomas. So here goes it:

1. Don't Kick your heels against or even close to your butt

2. make sure to relax your shoulders-- they'll get really tight really quickly unless you allow them to drop (don't tense up!)

3. Practice running on your toes as much as possible. be careful about toe running too much too quickly though, it can mess you up

He also suggested to go to a track and "sprint" straights and jog curves for 2 miles, building up from a 60% of your max sprint pace.

This all sounds kinda text book to me though.... i think he might have copy and pasted it into gchat to make me feel better. Anyways, I hope it works

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