Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The feather pictures + more

So my sister took these pictures of Grant and I for fun one night while we were home in Reno.  I got an idea to take pictures in feathers so we went out and bought 5 feather pillows at target.  But..... we only needed one.

before we took the feather pictures Annie insisted that we use some props... so we did :]

and then we went and shot in a parking garage... it was freezing because it was november

but out of all of them I think this one is my favorite


Willi Nixon said...

Amber, these are so cute! Love it! I've missed out on so much in your life over the last year. Guess I'll have to catch up.

PS the boy is just adorbs!

daniellef said...

love this so much! :)

Anonymous said...

The 3rd feather picture, or even the collage are fab. I like the feather pic though because it's so unique :)

Shelby said...

these all make me ridiculously happy. they make me want to get engaged just so I can take cute pictures. and probably get married too.