Friday, October 21, 2011

ART PRIZE + Urbanized

So I thought I might do a little updating of my life since It is needed. Grant and I are in Beautiful Michigan right now where the leafs are the brightest oranges and reds. It truly is beautiful here and his parents live on a lake so there is nothing to complain about.

We've been doing a lot of fun things but my favorite so far has been Grand Rapids. for a great city guide visit design sponge. While in Grand rapids we visited the Electric Cheetah restaurant where they have an eclectic mix of vegetarian meals and carnivore dishes. Then we found the Meyer May house by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was easy to pick out among all the houses in the area and wasn't that far from the restaurant. Then we moved on to Art Prize. It goes from sept 21- oct 9 and the city is filled with art. We also stopped by the Alexander Calder sculpture while we were in the city, and while we were there we found ourselves in the middle of a flash mob.

One other fun event was our trip to Detroit to see the film Urbanized by Gary Hustwit. Its a great documentary about urban planning. It even features detroit. Gary has also created the films Helvetica & Objectified, and was even at the screening. The Q&A after the film got a little bit interesting with passionate detroitians voicing their views about the current problems with the empty buildings in the city, but it was overall a great film.

*we bought this poster. :) i can't wait to get the other ones and hang it up somewhere on ... a wall where ever we move.

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