Saturday, October 29, 2011

from michigan to savannnah and back

This week was spent traveling from Michigan to North Carolina to Savannah, and it was a blast. Grant and I went down to the High Point furniture market in High Point, NC and then down to Savannah to visit Ellen and Daniel. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

This is a little taste of beautiful savannah architecture. Everything in the town is very historical. I've never been anywhere that compares to how classic and dream like this town is. I fell in love with it the moment I saw all of the beautiful buildings/houses.

This is the store front of The Paris Market, a cute shop in downtown Savannah, with a similar appeal to Anthropologie, but has much more to explore. Ellen's boss, Paula, owns the shop, and I had such a fun time exploring inside.

This is a picture at the SCAD museum opening. Grant is looking at some SWEET 3-d wall paper.

This is what I ate at zunziz in savannah. It's a blend of Swiss, Italian South African and Dutch food, and is a hip place to eat in town with a cook who is always saying "shit yeah"

The rest of the pics are from the furniture show. It was pretty awesome!

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